I started CrossFit during the summer of 2014; after realizing that I wasn’t in the best shape of my life I knew I needed to take action of my well-being. Knowing that I wouldn’t fully commit and push myself at a typical gym, I decided to look for a unique gym that could pre-program my workouts and could correctly instruct me on fundamental exercise movements. As I conducted my search I came across CrossFit Peekskill and decided to take a chance on an intro-session. I was instantly hooked from day one and by the end of week 1 I was the sorest I’ve ever been and couldn’t wait to get back to the box to tackle the next WOD.

“After the first few weeks I started to learn what I truly was made of and what my body is capable of accomplishing.”

If I had to sum up why I instantly became hooked onto CrossFit, more specifically the CrossFit Peekskill box, it would have to because of the support and encouragement from all of the CrossFit Peekskill coaches and athletes. I can’t say that I was RX’ing all the WOD’s or deadlifting 400+ pounds (still can only RX a WOD once in a blue moon), but I was physically pushed further than I was ever pushed in my life. After the first few weeks I started to learn what I truly was made of and what my body is capable of accomplishing. My strength, flexibility, energy, and stamina have significantly increased since I joined CrossFit Peekskill, well beyond what I had planned to accomplish when I signed up. I went from being unable to run 400m straight to breezing through a 400m run during a warm-up workout, and have gone from being able to front squat just under 100 lbs to being able to handle more than 200 lbs. None of what I have accomplished during these few months would have been possible had it not been for the coaches who pushed me each time I stepped foot into the box, who tested me time and time again, and most importantly who made sure I was safely and effectively executing all movements.

“….to support me through that last leg of the WOD.”

The type of CrossFit Peekskill community that you would encounter if you step foot inside the box, is best described by one of my favorite Saturday WOD memories, where I was finishing up box jumps (still better than burpees) and had to complete a 400m run. I was just on my last few reps of box jumps as the rest of the athletes gathered around to cheer me on to finish the WOD, as soon as I completed all reps I set out for my run accompanied by all the athletes, who just finished the run, to support me through that last leg of the WOD. That’s the type of community CrossFit Peekskill is made of, both the coaches and athletes have not only been encouraging and supportive but also inspiring, and that’s what keeps me coming back to CrossFit Peekskill for another WOD!