I joined CFP because I was telling my buddy Joe that I wasn’t happy with myself and that I wanted to get back into the gym but I was nervous because I hadn’t worked out in 4-5 years. I also had a bit of gym fear which would always stop me from signing up. He told me about CrossFit and how its changed his life and that he recently just joined CFP and I should give it a try.So I booked a no sweat intro with Matt Strebel, I remember sitting in the parking lot and it was 5:55 and I almost left and skipped my no sweat intro. Getting through the door was the hardest part for me, I knew I could handle the physical aspect of the workouts. It was just forcing myself to get through the doors the first couple times. I joined up foundations and it was great to go over all the movements and to get comfortable with them again and break me in with some toned down WODs and build up some confidence.

I have had some Weightlifting PR’s but I have done that in the past, I think my biggest accomplishment so far has been to grow and build into some of the gymnastic movements. It’s something I thought I never be able to do and with only 3 months of being at CFP I noticed a tremendous difference in my core and starting to incorporate some of those movements into WODs and be able to push myself more.

I’m working on everything! but more specifically I’m just working on getting the Olympic weightlifting movements down. There’s so many moving pieces in those movements and I have come a long way but I’m still fine tuning those movements. and lastly my core, its probably my weakest point of my body. I have come a long way with it but I know I still have a long ways to go.

What motivates me is the people at CFP. The camaraderie between the coaches and CFP members is nothing you would get from another gym. Its like I’m on a team again. Everybody may have different goals but the ultimate goal is making themselves a better person and having a good time doing it.

Mike Colamarino