There aren’t many people that can walk in a room and just make it a brighter place. Tatiana happens to be one of those people. Every time she comes to CFP she is beyond grateful to be here and always has a smile on her face. Often coming in early to get some extra work in because she knows she needs to make the most out of every minute she has in the gym. It has been unbelievable to watch her grow as an athlete and as a person. There have been so many PRs already and I am certain that there will be many many more! Keep up the good work Tatiana!!  A few questions answered by Tatiana for us:

When and how did you get started with us?  I first started with CFP at the end of Summer ’16, when I moved to Peekskill to be closer to work. I had first heard of you guys at BOTB 2015 and was really impressed with not only the performance but the awesome vibe CFP displayed.

Favorite workout? My favorite workout is, to no one’s surprise, anything with a barbell in it. I specifically like EMOMS with barbell movements in them. I’m also coming to really like pull-ups (probably because they’re one of the only non-barbell things I can do pretty ok).

Biggest accomplishment in CrossFit so far? It’s nice to PR, but being able to show up is an accomplishment all in its own. It’s hard to navigate working full time and being a single mom, so I’m just happy to get work outs in.

What is your go-to cheat meal? My go-to cheat meal is pizza, french fries and/or ice cream. It may or may not be all in one sitting.

What is your current wallpaper on your cell phone? Current wallpaper is a photo of Demi watching The Elf on Christmas morning.

You can be any animal in the world, what animal would you be? I would be a dolphin. They’re happy, fun-loving and just awesome.

What advice would you give someone just starting CrossFit? I would tell a newbie to just stick it out. When you try to find excuses no to go, that’s when you should push harder. Eventually you’ll be hooked. If the workouts don’t get you hooked, the great community at CFP will. =)