Zero Servings of Negativity

Zero Servings of Negativity

If you were to pick any of the coaches at CrossFit Peekskill to write about negativity and spreading happiness, who would your pick be?  Maybe Chloe, who is always smiling and giving out high fives?  Or how about Matt Strebel, who will stop mid workout just to ask an athlete how their day is going?  So why am I (Emily) writing about this?  When everyone knows that I am often the crankiest (I say focused!!) person at the gym!   Well….

I am actually very happy 🙂 And was recently inspired by a podcast that provided a “Recipe” for happiness.  There were a few main “ingredients” that really resonated with me.  All of which I usually try and follow on a regular basis.  This minimizes my stress, and I hope creates a little joy in others!
The first ingredient is Zero Servings of Negativity.  What does this mean? Wake up each morning and START your day with a positive mindset.   The easiest way for me to do this is to forget about what you CANNOT control.  I do not spend my day focusing on things out of my control.  As my husband always says, Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.  It only adds stress to your day.  Focus instead on what you can control.

Let’s say you wake up, check out the WOD in Wodify, and see a ton of burpees.  And you hate burpees.  Are you going to stress all day about going to work out and do burpees?  Or come into the gym and complain to your buddy about how many burpees there are in the workout?  Why don’t you flip it around and maybe think about a strategy on how to tackle the burpees?  Or think about how many calories you will burn doing each burpee?
Or maybe you got a flat tire on the way to work?  Instead of complaining to your coworker about this (where will this get you?) – focus on next steps.  You cannot control these random crummy occurrences.  If you do have to stress about something, focus on something you can control/improve.  Are you going to worry every time you get into your car if you will get another flat tire?  No!  Move on…

Another ingredient within our zero servings of happiness includes spreading happiness.  I am definitely not the expert on this. I know that.  I know that I am an introvert, and I know that I take my training and my business seriously.  Almost too seriously.  Does writing this make me realize that I need to work on this?  Yes!  Will I change overnight?  No!  But I hope that at least sharing my Rocking Chair tip will destress you a little, and therefore maybe I have spread a little bit of happiness for the day 🙂

Emily Strebel