You’re going on a diet!

You’re going on a diet!

You’re going on a diet. Immediately the cravings hit and you want to go for your favorite snack or soda. Not wanting to break your diet you notice some sugar free options are available that will give you your fix without killing your progress. But are they really worth it? Consider this thought before you head for the sugar free food.

I could launch in to the potential long term risks that eating sugar free foods could lead to, but I assume most of you know this already. If you don’t, perhaps you could do some research. Instead I’m going to talk about how they affect your taste buds and future progress.

If you have a lot troubles with consuming too many simple carbs (white breads, pasta, cereal etc) and too much sugar, you likely have a bit of a sugar addiction. Sugar is highly addictive. That’s why when we go on a diet your automatic reaction is to try to replace it with something equally as sweet. Maybe the sugar free options don’t have the same caloric affect, but the affect on the addiction is just as (if not more) damaging. Sugar free foods feed in to your sweet tooth and soon the foods you eat need to taste sweeter and sweeter to satisfy your craving.

I know quite a few people who go on big calorie cuts and do so by loading up on sugar free foods. They lose the weight, but as soon as they’re done they go right back in to the bad eating habits they had previously (sometimes even worse than before). Why? Because they never really solved their ultimate problem, they just found a way to work around it for a couple months. 

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Look out for my next blog post for healthy ways to combat your sugar addiction! 

Written by Coach Chloe.