Why We Program The Way We Program!

Why We Program The Way We Program!

Some insight to the programming here at CrossFit Peekskill


We get asked all the time: Why are are we doing this workout? Who does the programming here? Is this just random? Well, I am here to tell you that there is a method to the madness!! The coaches here at CrossFit Peekskill chat daily about workouts and make sure we are hitting everything we can to benefit you. Obviously no program will please all athletes; it is common for athletes to choose not to do workouts with movements that they are poor at. However, if we want to be the best athlete we can be, the best human we can be, working weaknesses is part of the program.


The goal of the program here at CrossFit Peekskill is to improve a person’s General Physical Preparedness and of course HAVE FUN! This means that when a person is given a task, whether it be chasing a criminal, carrying groceries, shoveling snow, building a new shed, or playing outside with your kids, the multitude of functional movements they perform in the gym means they are physically prepared for that task,  even though they may not have been given this task before. Prepared for life!


This means we must hit a broad range of different workouts and movements. We make sure we are training all the different energy systems from sprinting/lifting, to a workout lasting several minutes, or a workout lasting a much longer period of time. We also must make sure we are using functional movements! Functional movements are multi-joint, they are safe, essential for life, and most importantly, they produce large amounts of power. Which means they allow us to move large loads, long distances, and quickly!! How cool is that?


We know for some of you, a workout means you need to sweat, be out of breath and be laid out on the floor at the end of it. This is why we have a metcon in almost every session. These are always a great time! The music turns up and in the warmer months the doors open up and athletes move through the workout! We always encourage everyone to have fun! It is very common to see athletes dancing mid workout, laughing, smiling, and just having a great time even after the workout is over!! Getting fit and having fun!!


We also acknowledge the need to slow things down and work on perfect technique and strict movements for your own good. It is impossible to a hit a workout at 100% intensity every single day. Something is going to give and then you will have to take time off to recover. The days we work on skills or just strength are just as important as the days with only a metcon. What about a day that consists of just running or rowing? The benefit of these workouts are unmatched and will help every aspect of your training.

So when you come in for a session that says “not for time”, or it is “just running” don’t get annoyed or upset because you think you are not doing “enough.” Allow us as your coaches to explain the intent of the workout; try to carry it out with a focus on moving well on every single rep. Do this and you will realize that it is actually hard work to move well in a consistent manner and not taking the easy way out. Perform a movement without your ego getting in the way and you will find that your body will be thankful. And when it comes time to move fast, your mind and your body will be ready.

To conclude, I would like to leave you with this thought. What are your goals? Are they to be healthy and fit for years to come? Is it improve your general physical preparedness? Is it to improve your body composition? If yes, PERFECT! That is what we wish for you all also! Arrive on time, have fun, give 100% in your workouts, and take a rest day to allow you to maintain that intensity.  Fuel your body with high quality foods to support exercise and lower body fat, and you are guaranteed to improve your general physical preparedness, look wonderful, and live a healthy energetic life.

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