When You Hit The Wall, Become The Kool-Aid Man

When You Hit The Wall, Become The Kool-Aid Man



The honeymoon stage is always amazing. Everything is going well, you are the happiest you have ever been, you are on cloud 9. But all things have to eventually come to an end right? If you have been training consistently then you probably have experienced both the honeymoon stage and the dreaded slump, rut, or wall that pretty much every athlete will hit. Yes, you that have never lifted a weight in your life and just started CrossFit. You are an athlete!!


Plateaus or “hitting the wall” are inevitable in training and they are just part of the process. What you have to remember is that they are rarely permanent and there are ways to break through them!!


Most people want to fall back on the physical and blame everything such as work got crazy, relationship issues, kids, planning a wedding, the holidays, in the process of a move. Most often it’s not the physical that is stopping you but it is a mental barrier.


There are many different kinds of mental barriers. One of the most common is overtraining. This is very common amongst CrossFit athletes. It can manifest itself as either a physical or mental barrier. Maybe you set a goal and that is all you focus on. You have upped your intensity of your workouts and it is all you talk about. Whenever this happens it becomes harder and harder to maintain a high level of motivation Your brain needs a break and if you don’t freely offer one, your brain will take a break all by itself. You will lose your motivation and it will feel like you are facing some kind of invisible obstacle. It is important to take your breaks when needed and give yourself one “fun” session a week. No score, no time, no pressure. Just you and the reason you came to the gym in the first place.


We have all been overwhelmed in our lives before and most likely it will happen again, and again, and again. Sometimes life simply just gets in the way and finding a balance between work, school, bills, kids, a sick relative, and a CrossFit routine can seem impossible. The best solution is to get organized and divide up your time fairly. If you can only squeeze in a 30 minute or 1-hour workout then don’t schedule 2 hours for a workout.


Being over focused is a real thing that can cause a lot of problems. Fixating on one goal and maintaining a narrow definition of success will get you nothing but heartache. Instead of defining success by this ONE goal, focus on the process, the little things like drinking a gallon of water a day, spending 15 minutes on recovery, getting a proper warm up in daily. Focus on all of the positives that come with the process and the big goals will come in time.


There is no better way to breakthrough a CrossFit wall then to remind you why you started doing it in the first place. We all started for the same reason, get healthy and HAVE FUN. Simply sit down and list the 10 most fun aspects you enjoy about CrossFit and get back to that. Make the fun part of the process and break through the wall. OOOO YEAHHHH!!!!!