Take A Step Backwards To Take 2 Steps Forward

Take A Step Backwards To Take 2 Steps Forward

    With the CrossFit Games season in full swing it is very easy to get caught up every weekend watching these world class athletes make extremely hard workouts look way too easy. A lot of crossfitters will look at these athletes and feel motivated to want to do what they are doing. The problem with that? Nothing, if you understand the work that goes into getting to that level.

  Everyone has to start somewhere and no one is too good for the basics. I am talking about mastering the simplest of movements to make the more advanced movements that much easier. I am talking about performing ring rows perfectly, performing air squats perfectly. Does the WOD call for Knees 2 Elbows and you feel like you should be doing Toes 2 Bar instead? Do not look for ways to make a workout harder but instead look to achieve a higher level of intensity. If Knees 2 Elbows are easy for you then GOOD. Go hard and get a higher score.

  Every workout you do does not need to be hard. Some workouts you do should feel easy. If every time you train you find yourself laying on your back out of breath and exhausted then you need to re-evaluate the way you workout. You will not get any better if you do not work on skills. You will not get any faster if you do not work on your speed. You will not get any stronger if you do not work on your strength. This concept applies to the everyday person who just wants to look better or to the competitive athlete.

Our programming puts a ton of emphasis on proper warm ups, the right amount of strength, skill, accessory work, and varied intensities throughout the week. Some days we go hard and we are exhausted after. Some days we go heavy and fight for every rep. Some days we keep the intensity low and focus on skill and accessory work.

At CrossFit Peekskill we program and train the athletes to be able to workout and live happy healthy lifestyles 5-10-15-20 years from now . So why not let our professional staff help you to get started .