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CrossFit Peekskill delivers the CrossFit program exactly as it is intended. The stimulus provided are by design, constantly varied, using functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Our specialty is not specializing and our goal is constant progress. The community is welcoming, and is one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking maximal health and fitness. Whether you are an ELITE athlete, actively participating in sports, playing with your kids, or simply wanting to be healthier and more mobile, we strive to provide the highest level of training that will help you achieve your goals.

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Staying Fit Through the Holidays

 Staying Fit Through the Holidays It’s that time of year again! Gravy, alcohol, and pie. If you don’t want to deal with an expanding waistline this holiday season, try out these few ideas to keep you on track. 1.Try working out in the morning. If you have lots of parties to attend or your schedule starts getting too hectic to make an evening class, try out working out in the morning! It may be hard at first, but you will feel better after. 2.Bring your water bottle with you wherever you go. It’s easy for your brain to confuse thirst with hunger – drinking more water could lessen the amount of food you consume! 3.Plan ahead. If you’re going to an event that you know will have little to no healthy food, try eating something beforehand that will keep you full or even consider bringing your own snack. You may feel silly at first but you won’t when the scale doesn’t go up! 4.Don’t go all or nothing. If you have a bad day (or week even) don’t let that be your excuse to wait until the new year to be good. The more you let your health slide the more stressed you will be! 5.Keep active. Even if you have to force your family and friends to go for a walk or hike with you, try to limit the amount of time spent sitting. 6.Find a gym buddy. If you have a hard time motivating yourself during the holidays, consider finding a likeminded friend in the gym. Make a pact to hold each other accountable. Maybe even try... read more

Time?  Where do we find it?  How do we find extra of it?

I work in Finance for a living.  Crunching numbers is part of what I do.  I blame this on why I am such a stickler for efficiency on time management.  People always ask  me how I find the time to get my workouts in 5-6 days a week.  There is no complicated solution for it – I make the time.  Yes I know that it sounds easier than it really is.  I have a full time job…I own a business…I have a husband and 2 dogs.  Making time for me is like a building a new house every day.  Every night I build a new blueprint for the following day.  I know that I have 24 hours in the day, and I make sure I use each of those hours efficiently.  I start with the high priority tasks, and stuff that I cannot move aka I need to be at my job in Tarrytown from 9am to 5pm plus commuting time.  Now, let’s take an example day.  Let’s say I have a 7:30pm No Sweat Intro at the box, and date night with the husband at 8pm.  And I want to get 8 hours of sleep.  The last puzzle piece is my fitness time.  Where can I fit in this piece of the puzzle?  I could workout from 6am to 7am, and then I know that I can make it thru the rest of my day without having to worry that my 4pm meeting may extend past 5pm.  Or I can workout from 6pm to 7pm, and watch an extra episode of Walking Dead tonight and wake up a... read more


CrossFit has a funny way of showing someone’s true self. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they workout or approach workouts. You hear it all the time, “CrossFit is hard.” Well yeah of course it is. Anything worth it should not be easy. It is easy to spend $10 a month on a gym membership. It is easy to stay in that comfort zone for 30 minutes on the treadmill. It is easy to stay in bed at 5am when it’s raining outside. It is easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow.” It is also really easy to make excuses. When will you decide easy is not for you? Throw away the easy. Embrace the difficult. Invest in your gym membership. Why? Because after all the money, the jobs, the friends, the jewelry, all the “stuff”. All you have is your health and your mind. So why not invest the absolute most into it. Get out of your comfort zone. Do a 3 minute workout at 150%, lay on the floor, get up, do it again. GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. EMBRACE THE SUCK. I will let you in on a little secret. There are zero shortcuts, in both the gym and in life. You can not half ass yourself through any of it. You want to lose 15 pounds? Only thing stopping you is yourself. Accept the fact that you aren’t where you want to be today because you aren’t making whatever your goal is a priority in your life. Once you do that and you make it a priority then the world is endless.... read more


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