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CrossFit Peekskill delivers the CrossFit program exactly as it is intended. The stimulus provided are by design, constantly varied, using functional movements, performed at a high intensity. Our specialty is not specializing and our goal is constant progress. The community is welcoming, and is one of support and camaraderie to anyone seeking maximal health and fitness. Whether you are an ELITE athlete, actively participating in sports, playing with your kids, or simply wanting to be healthier and more mobile, we strive to provide the highest level of training that will help you achieve your goals.

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Zero Servings of Negativity

If you were to pick any of the coaches at CrossFit Peekskill to write about negativity and spreading happiness, who would your pick be?  Maybe Chloe, who is always smiling and giving out high fives?  Or how about Matt Strebel, who will stop mid workout just to ask an athlete how their day is going?  So why am I (Emily) writing about this?  When everyone knows that I am often the crankiest (I say focused!!) person at the gym!   Well…. I am actually very happy 🙂 And was recently inspired by a podcast that provided a “Recipe” for happiness.  There were a few main “ingredients” that really resonated with me.  All of which I usually try and follow on a regular basis.  This minimizes my stress, and I hope creates a little joy in others! The first ingredient is Zero Servings of Negativity.  What does this mean? Wake up each morning and START your day with a positive mindset.   The easiest way for me to do this is to forget about what you CANNOT control.  I do not spend my day focusing on things out of my control.  As my husband always says, Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere.  It only adds stress to your day.  Focus instead on what you can control. Let’s say you wake up, check out the WOD in Wodify, and see a ton of burpees.  And you hate burpees.  Are you going to stress all day about going to work out and do burpees?  Or come into the gym and complain to your... read more

“Don’t get stuck in your ways” 

   We’ve all been there. A coach gives you a tip for improving a certain movement and all we can think (and sometimes say) is “I like doing it this way. It works for me.” 1 part pride, 1 part reluctancy to change. It is in our nature to only want to do something that we see as immediately beneficial.    It has happened to me before too (on more than one occasion). One that sticks out to me is when I went to a seminar on rowing and even though the coach there knew more about rowing than I did his way felt awkward to me so I didn’t really give it a shot. He told me to never let my ankles come up, keep perfect posture, and only lean back slightly. I tried it once and it felt slow so I went back to my old ways. The issue here wasn’t that his rowing tips weren’t useful from the beginning; the issue was that I wasn’t willing to practice. Because I didn’t get immediate results I assumed it just wasn’t the way good for me. I wanted to do it my way. It wasn’t until months later when my rowing still wasn’t getting any better that I truly gave it a chance. After 2 weeks of practicing his way lo and behold rowing is now one of my strengths.    I believe as CrossFitters that word “practice” gets lost on us. I think it’s because once we learn how to do something we assume that’s it, we’ve got it. Or maybe we’ve been doing something a certain... read more

Bring A Friend Friday!!!

Bring your friends/spouse/kids etc. to CrossFit Peekskill any first Friday of the month for FREE! That’s right. By now your friend(s) have heard the excitement (or agony!) of your workouts! Show ‘em what you are made of as they join you in a workout. Yes, we do highly intense workouts, but remind your friends, everything in CrossFit can be scaled accordingly. No need to be scared! Get ‘em off the never-ending treadmill cycle, pull ‘em from the weight machines – no more Globo Gym! Get your friend(s) doing functional movements that are constantly varied! There is no other workout that compares to what we do. The best way to learn about it is to do it!!!   Can’t claim the following to be original work…but…isn’t it the truth!!!!! Globo gym or CrossFit? A compare and contrast of a first-time Crossfit visit vs. a first-time Globo gym visit. Globo first: Enter gym. Notice front desk employee sitting in front of a computer. Wait about 15-20 seconds for them to stop playing solitaire. “Hi, I’m So and So. This is my first time here.” “Oh, let me get a “trainer” to show you around.” Walk through the gym. Trainer shows you the “cardio areas”, which consist of rows upon rows of treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes. Next, you are shown the “machines areas”. Various contraptions with diagrams that highlight whatever muscle group the thing is supposed to isolate. If you’re lucky, they’ll have Hammer Strength stuff!! You may get a line like “This machine is designed to work you exactly like free weights.” You think to yourself, “Hmmm, well why not just... read more


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