CrossFit has a funny way of showing someone’s true self. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they workout or approach workouts. You hear it all the time, “CrossFit is hard.” Well yeah of course it is. Anything worth it should not be easy. It is easy to spend $10 a month on a gym membership. It is easy to stay in that comfort zone for 30 minutes on the treadmill. It is easy to stay in bed at 5am when it’s raining outside. It is easy to say “I’ll start tomorrow.” It is also really easy to make excuses. When will you decide easy is not for you?

Throw away the easy. Embrace the difficult. Invest in your gym membership. Why? Because after all the money, the jobs, the friends, the jewelry, all the “stuff”. All you have is your health and your mind. So why not invest the absolute most into it. Get out of your comfort zone. Do a 3 minute workout at 150%, lay on the floor, get up, do it again. GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE. EMBRACE THE SUCK.

I will let you in on a little secret. There are zero shortcuts, in both the gym and in life. You can not half ass yourself through any of it. You want to lose 15 pounds? Only thing stopping you is yourself. Accept the fact that you aren’t where you want to be today because you aren’t making whatever your goal is a priority in your life. Once you do that and you make it a priority then the world is endless. Not happy in your job? Want a promotion? Work as hard as you possibly can. Go above and beyond the normal daily duty. It won’t be easy. In time it will pay off.

It is very normal to feel negative emotions but the change happens when you decide to overcome those thoughts. It is so easy to write this and say it. It is hard to actually put it into action. It will take time but all it takes is discipline. Self-Discipline. It comes from the self. You. It comes when you make a decision to be disciplined. When you make a decision to be better. You are the only person in control of you.

How can I wake up early? WAKE UP EARLY

How can I work out consistently every day? WORK OUT CONSISTENTLY EVERY DAY

How can I stop eating unhealthy? STOP EATING UNHEALTHY

Do not give weakness and laziness a vote. Do not give negativity a vote. You decide what you want to do. So the next time you are feeling weak or lazy or soft or emotional or negative, tell those feelings they don’t get a vote.