Friday 10/13/17

CrossFit Peekskill – WOD

The Why

All the leggies today!! Squats are going up so really dial in the technique we have been working on and lets have a day!! Testing is coming up soon and everyone is getting so much stronger!! Then we have an absolutley burner. This workout will come down to who can breathe through the movements. Don’t blow out the run, come in feeling ready to attack and get after those burpees. Keep the first set of 21 paced and be steady on the barbell. Trust your technique and keep moving. Those last 21 should be an all go, non stop assault on burpees. Sell out. Finish strong.


Back Squat(percentages based off 90%)

Add 5-10 Pounds based off 9/18 results

Wave 3- Phase 2- 5’s

65% x2

72% x2

77% 4×5

Back Squat (4×5 @77%)


“Don’t Hold Your Breathe” (Time)

400m run buy in


21 lateral burpees over the bar

22 squat cleans 135/95

21 lateral burpees over the bar