Friday 1/12/18

CrossFit Peekskill – WOD




Build to a Heavy 5

Deadlift (Heaviest 5)


“First Round Beat Down” (AMRAP – Reps)

4 Rounds

1 Minute ON/1 Minute OFF


Deadlifts 185/125

The Why

Sore Back? Back Issues? Tight hips? Deadlift. Often time people shy away from movements when something “hurts” when the solution might just be going through those movements at a different intensity to go through the range of motion and loosen up any issues that may be going on. If you have issues with the deadlift then today is a great day to get better. If you have daily back issues then today is a great day to get healthier. Todays WOD is light and fast. We want as many reps as possible. This should be a deadlift weight that you can move quickly and for a lot of reps.