“Don’t get stuck in your ways” 

“Don’t get stuck in your ways” 
   We’ve all been there. A coach gives you a tip for improving a certain movement and all we can think (and sometimes say) is “I like doing it this way. It works for me.” 1 part pride, 1 part reluctancy to change. It is in our nature to only want to do something that we see as immediately beneficial. 
It has happened to me before too (on more than one occasion). One that sticks out to me is when I went to a seminar on rowing and even though the coach there knew more about rowing than I did his way felt awkward to me so I didn’t really give it a shot. He told me to never let my ankles come up, keep perfect posture, and only lean back slightly. I tried it once and it felt slow so I went back to my old ways. The issue here wasn’t that his rowing tips weren’t useful from the beginning; the issue was that I wasn’t willing to practice. Because I didn’t get immediate results I assumed it just wasn’t the way good for me. I wanted to do it my way. It wasn’t until months later when my rowing still wasn’t getting any better that I truly gave it a chance. After 2 weeks of practicing his way lo and behold rowing is now one of my strengths. 
I believe as CrossFitters that word “practice” gets lost on us. I think it’s because once we learn how to do something we assume that’s it, we’ve got it. Or maybe we’ve been doing something a certain way for so long that when we try a different way and ‘by golly it feels harder’ because it’s different then what we’ve been doing we fail to see the benefit of practicing. 
Be open minded. Try something new. Practice, practice, practice.
Coach Chloe