CrossFit is one big mental game

CrossFit is one big mental game

CrossFit is one big mental game. There’s so many factors that contribute to our successes and/or failures.
The big ones are obvious: Nutrition, mechanics, consistency, dedication… but some of the smaller ones can get overlooked because we don’t see how they relate to our athletic ability.
One of those is your attitude.

CrossFit is competitive. It’s hard. It’s taxing. But why did we all stick with it? Because despite all of that it was FUN! We loved the people working out next to us, we loved the coach yelling at us to push out one more rep and then collapsing on the floor feeling accomplished.

But then, somewhere along the way, maybe you stopped having fun. Maybe you have a nagging injury, maybe your progress isn’t moving as fast as it was, maybe someone new is becoming better than you. And slowly but surely you start dreading coming to the gym. You look at the WOD and your immediate thoughts are “that’s going to suck”, “so-and-so is going to beat me in this so why should I even try”… and next thing you know you’re going through the motions and the only thing keeping you coming back is knowing that you should workout because it’s good for you.

If you’re walking in to the door with those thoughts you’ve already set yourself up for failure. Your ATTITUDE is everything. If you walk in to work with a feeling of dread and the only thing keeping you going to work is the need to keep a roof over your head, you’re going to accomplish the bear minimum (and even that will feel painful). A negative athlete is not an athlete that’s going to excel because our mind has already decided how the workout is going to feel and end.

If you’ve found that you’ve lost the fun dig deep and FIND it. Stop looking at the workout and thinking how bad it’s going to suck. Stop thinking you’re not good enough. Retrain (maybe even force) your brain to find the positive and find that drive that made you stick with it in the first place.

Written by Coach Chloe.