CrossFit Foundations

CrossFit Foundations is the necessary starting point for anyone new to CrossFit — and we make it super easy to get started! We have two options,  Small Group Foundations or Private 1-on-1 Foundations.

Benefits of CrossFit Foundations

  • Learn the 9 CrossFit Foundational Movements, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting and other functional movements.
  • How to eat healthy for life, performance, strength, power, and weight-management.
  • Why and How CrossFit is the most effective training program on the planet.
  • Small group personalized approach.
  • Classes for beginners. Focus on Mechanics first, Consistency, then Intensity.
  • Infinitely scaleable to any individual, regardless of age, gender or athletic background.

Group CrossFit Foundations

Our Group CrossFit Foundations Course is a three-week, six-class program. Classes meet for three weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. If you’re unable to meet that time, check out Private Foundations Course.

Private CrossFit Foundations

Want to get into group classes a little bit quicker? Is your schedule not as flexible? Or do you want a more individualized approach, going through Foundations with just a trainer and your spouse or a friend? No matter your reason, if you’d like to schedule a private Foundations course, email us at for more information. Private CrossFit Foundations is 5- 30 minute sessions with one of our CrossFit Level 1 Trainers. Additional sessions may be required depending on discretion of the trainer.

Group Foundations

  • The Fundamentals of CrossFit 6 classes over 3 weeks with other first timers Small class sizes Mechanics, Consistency, Then Intensity Fitness, Nutrition, & Mobility

Private Foundations

  • The Fundamentals of CrossFit Private one on one with a coach Small class sizes Mechanics, Consistency, Then Intensity Fitness, Nutrition, & Mobility. The class will consist of 5- 30 minute long sessions.