Commitments / Desires.

Commitments / Desires.
The difference between desires and commitments (and what they mean for you)
There’s a big difference between wanting something and committing to something. It’s easy to want something because wanting something takes no action. We can sit at our desk job every day thinking about how bad we want to be doing something we really enjoy and still spend the rest of our working lives sitting at our desk. We can desire to take a vacation but take no steps to save money or ask for time off and next thing we know another year has passed without us taking a break.
Wants and desires often get confused with goals and commitments. Why? Because all of us WANT to be healthy and fit. All of us WANT to be the person that eats lots of vegetables and says no to cake at the party; so we therefore conclude that these are our goals. But we can also really want that piece of cake and really want to just take a nap instead of going to the gym.
When we have tons of wants floating around in our mind without any action or legitimate commitments, the easy wants – the wants that are hard to say no to – these are the ones that will win. And I think this is where people get caught up. They expect their want for a fit body to be louder than their other desires for the things that hold them back.
The second trap that having wants vs. commitments can get us in to is waiting for the right circumstances to come along… thinking the stars will align and we’ll have an easy week without much stress and no big family events and that that will be our week to eat healthy and be fit.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you keep waiting for this week it’s NEVER going to happen. Every day no matter who you are there will be things thrown at you that you don’t expect. Every month there will be parties, holidays, vacations. There is no such thing as a perfect week. Waiting for it is like sitting at that desk job expecting to get a job offer thrown at you without putting any effort in to searching for a new job. Has it happened for some? I’m sure. Will it happen for you? Odds are against you.
The difference between someone who achieves the health and body that they want has nothing to do with them wanting it more or them having better circumstances to get it done.
What does commitment really mean?
Change your mindset.
Make the decision at a core level that you’re not going to let anything hold you back. Take time and look at your life and make the decision that you’re not going to let anything get in the way of your success. No parties, no holidays, no stressful work week.
Set reasonable (but defined) goals.
It’s hard to commit to something vague. Write down exactly what you want, when you want it and what you need to do to get there. (Include possible tests to your commitment that may come up and ways that you can overcome them!)
Hold yourself accountable.
A personal drive may get you started, but it probably won’t be enough to keep you going month to month. Keep your goals written down somewhere close by so you can keep an eye on how closely you’re adhering to your commitments.
Tell others about your goals.
There’s nothing better than a support system! Be vocal about what you want and what you need to go to get there. Not everyone will be there to hold your hand (in fact they may pressure you in the other direction) but telling others about your goals can help give you confidence and motivation.
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